Month End Melee

Month End Melee - 30 September 2019

Twenty-four members turned out for today's Month end Melee. The weather was very kind to us throughout the three games and was dry and relatively mild and no breeze at all. Compared to the previous day which was really wet with continual rain that effected the World Cycling Event in Harrogate. No problems for us, the terrains had stood up well to the heavy rain of the previous day and played well.

The first game got underway at 1pm with the 24 members pairing up into 12 teams to play on 6 of our 8 terrains. The standard of play was quite high, but the leaders at the end of this first game were Ken and Christine W with +12, closely followed by Chris H and Michael K on +11, with Colin and Robin on +7 and Harry and Jim C on +5. No fanny's on this game, sadly.

The second game produced another fanny free set of results. Ken lost this game as did Christine, similarly, Chris H and Michael K also lost, so they were all out of the running for the prized three wins. Colin could only manage a +3 win, which took him to +10, whilst Robin failed to win his game. Jim C won again but was behind Colin, only managing a running total of +9. But Harry had a good win to take him into the lead with 2 wins and + 14. So, 4 members holding 2 wins each. Carol was also in the running coming in with a cumulative total of 2 wins and + 8

The last game started and Jim could only manage a win with +5, taking him to +14. Carol pipped Jim at the post with 3 wins and +15. Harry was paired with Patricia against Walter and Colin. This game would no doubt produce the overall winner of the competition, as Harry was currently on +14 and Colin on +10. The game started slowly, after we discovered Walter having a power nap on one of the chairs. The first end resulted with a dead end after Colin accidentally fired out the coche and the game continued in a slow, one point scores by each team. Walter played some fantastic first pointers, which tested Harry and Patricia, but the scores were keeping pace until Harry and Patricia reached 6 and scored no more, allowing Colin and Walter to creep ahead to secure the win.
Back in the club house we did a rapid presentation due to Colin and Patricia having to go to visit someone in hospital. Happily, Harry having lost out on the major points, was delighted to present Paddy and Mike T with the Fanny trophies after they scored a zero in their last game courtesy of Chris H and Ken.

In 3rd place with 3 wins and +14 was Jim C who gains 5 points to his year end total.
In 2nd place with 3 wins and +15 was Carol G who gets 6 points to her year end total.
But in 1st place with 3 wins and +17 it was Colin who gets 7 points to his year end total and took the month end trophy for September.


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The cumulative year end scores are getting quite close, with only 3 more months to play before the Champion and runners up are revealed.

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Another excellent competition enjoyed by everyone. Especially Mike who 'won' his first Petanque trophy. Mark B continued to improve his boules technique and was thrilled when at one end he was faced by three boules in very close proximity to the coche. The front two were his team's boules but the holding boule was the opposition's boule which lay directly behind the coche. A confident shot knocked the opposition boule out of contention and made Mark's day.

Harry Overend
MPC Secretary



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