Month End Melee

Final Monday Monthly Melee

The weather was perfect for our August Month End Melee. The sky was blue and the sun was shining throughout. The terrains were very dry and boules on occasions kept on running and running Also boules appeared to take unexplained deviations from a true line.

At the allotted start time there were 32 members ready to play. This included new member Steven Burns who is most welcome. He and brother Mark certainly bring down the average age of the membership.

In the first round it was mainly the ladies who took the honours. Christine Appleyard, Christine Campey and Liz scoring excellent 13 -2 victories. They were joined on that score by newcomer Steven. They were closely followed by Viv and Rod who combined to win by 13 - 3.

For the second round the numbers increased to 34 when we were joined by Carol Cropper and Sue Metcalfe. Christine Campey and Liz both won their games but Christine Appleyard could not produce another victory. Fred and Ian took the plaudits in this round with a 13 - 1 victory over Carol Cropper and Ann Clarke. Christine Campey's victory by 13 - 3 put her top of the leader board with 2 wins and a magnificent score of +21 points. At the end of the round the players on two wins were

Christine C +21
Fred +18
Viv +15
Liz +15
Stuart +14
Mark +13
Rod +11
David Karle +9

With eight players in contention to take the winners trophy the third round started. By the end of the round only two players remained unbeaten. This month's winner was Christine Campey after another victory ; this time 13-5. This gave her a truly brilliant score of 3 wins and +29 points.

Well played Christine.

Mark came through into second place with a 13 - 8 victory. Fred claimed third place with a score of two wins and plus 13 points followed very closely by his wife, Viv, with two wins and plus 10 points.

Well played the Smiths.

With more than half the field scoring two wins it showed how closely fought the games were and the ability of each player is very even.

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Ian Greaves



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