Month End Melee

Final Monday Monthly Melee

Following a weekend of torrential rain and a dull morning the afternoon turned into a glorious sunny and warm day. At 1pm there were 27 petanquers ready to do battle for every point. The numbers were drawn and the games started in earnest. In the first round the games were mainly of a close nature but one stood out as the exception. David Karle and Liz stormed into the lead with a 13 - 1 victory over Paddy and Viv. Perhaps Paddy was overheating in her new Mirfield Petanque top. They were closely followed by those two young bucks, Walter and Fred after their 13 - 3 win.
The second round playing numbers increased after the arrival of Ann and Brian who had been held up by traffic problems in Dewsbury and Ravensthorpe. In this round early leader David fell away after losing 13 -7 but Liz continued her fine performance with a 13 - 7 win to keep her lead. Fred closed the gap with a 13 - 5 victory with Irene who played well.
So after two rounds the people on two wins were
Liz +19
Fred +18
Ken +10
Margaret +9
Cheryl +8
Tony Haynes + 5
Lucy +4
On to round three
For this round it was good to see Doreen watching the action with some family members This must have helped Ken as he and Brian raced to a 13 - 1 victory over Cheryl and Walter. This gave Ken three wins and a score of +22 - could it be beaten ? There were only two people who could. First was Fred, who along with Jim beat Lucy and Rod by 13 - 8. to go 3 wins and +23. Could Liz better this? Playing with Viv she was again victorious over Margaret and David K. The score of 13 - 9 meant she and Fred had tied - did Viv know the situation?


So after 7 months of melees Colin and Jim share the top spot with Christine W in third place.


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