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Ladies Day - wear a hat or a fascinator

There were 26 members attending during this event. Another chance for the ladies to beat the men at Petanque.

A hot sunny afternoon meant most of the men wore shorts whilst some of the ladies wore pretty dresses and facsinators in their hair. Very pretty ladies.

The competition was over three games and the highest scoring man would challenge the highest scoring lady in a three end knock out.

Several of our members had purchased new boules at the recent La British Open event. Walter (new boules) Bottrill was also celebrating his 89th Birthday, what a man.
After the first end it was time to get drinks of water and orange juice and a few of the men did the honours.

Three games was enough in this heat and the eventual top players with 3 wins each and only 5 points between them were Kevin who had already won a two bottles of wine with Christine at La British Open, and he was up against Aly.

The first of the three ends were begun and it ended with Kevin holding point so one game to Kevin.
Game two was interesting as the coche was knocked back close to the dead end. Kevin put his last boule in and managed to get to within a couple of feet. This was beatable, but Aly just missed out, giving the win and match to Kevin.

Back in the clubhouse, Walter had provided two lovely cakes and the ladies had got him a birthday card and candles for the cake. The traditional Happy Birthday was sung and Walter blew out the candles. Fortunately not 89, only 2.
It was then time to present the winner and runner up trophies to Kevin and Aly.

Photos were taken and cake eaten.

Thank you everyone for an excellent event.

Happy Birthday Walter.

Harry Overend
Mirfield Petanque Club Secretary



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