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Mirfield Boules Cruise 2019

MPC Boules Cruise 2019

Mirfield Petanque Club's River and Canal Cruise Saturday 22 June 2019.

Twenty-two people turned up on a very sunny and warm Saturday morning for our annual charity cruise with Safe Anchor Trust at Shepley Bridge Marina.
At 12pm we were boarding two canal boats and heading east towards our turn around point at the Leggers Inn at Savilletown Canal Basin.
One boat load decided to eat their picnics on the boat en-route to Leggers. The other boat load waited until they arrived at Leggers to eat their meal on the picnic tables at our destination.
As usual, the boat crews were very friendly and there was lots of laughter during the trip.
It has to be said, that this stretch of river and canal is much prettier than heading west towards Brighouse. There are more bridges and interesting locks along the way. Lots of wild life and I am not talking about those of us on the boats. Lots of fishermen patiently bringing in their long roach poles as both of our boats passed by.
Eventually we reached Leggers and everyone legged it for a beer or coffee. It was very pleasant sitting there, if we closed our eyes we could well have been in Sorrento rather than Savilletown.
After just over half an hour or so we wandered back to the boats and our members kindly swapped boats to give everyone the opportunity to experience the different amenities on both boats.
The return journey was not without incident however.
The second of our boats, the one I was on, had to wait while another boat exited the double lock near to Saville basin spur and once inside the lock, our boat very nearly turned into a submarine.
The crew of our sister boat ahead of us failed to drop the lock paddles on the second of the double locks and as we entered the bottom lock, the water overflowed out over the top of the top lock and flowed across the canal sides and ran into our lock like a waterfall.
Ten members in our party who were seated in the bow had to jump up and retreat inside to avoid getting an impromptu shower.
Our crew quickly realised what was happening and dropped the top lock paddles to stop the overflow and the situation was quickly brought under control.
Harry was allowed to steer the boat along quieter stretches of the canal and river, but of course, not through the locks.
We eventually reached our home port but had to do two circular manoeuvres in the river whilst waiting for our sister boat to exit the flood lock at Shepley Bridge. It was at this point that one of our members suddenly suffered sea sickness and hung over the side calling for Huey and feeding the ducks.
It may have been sunstroke, something they ate or drank, but whatever it was it was soon over and normality resumed. Next panic when someone had misplaced their coat. It wasn't in our boat or the other boat. Could it have been left at Leggers or did they come in a coat at all?
After getting off the boat, we handed over a cheque for Two Hundred and Twenty Pounds for the Safe Anchor Trust Charity.
A lovely day with lovely people. Photos attached. Mottley Crew. Even more Mottley Crew. Panic and a rush from the front to the back when the canal overflowed across the towpaths from the top lock.



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