West Yorkshire League

West Yorkshire League

West Yorkshire League 2019 - Mirfield v Huddersfield - Monday 17/06/2019

The weather was not very promising, with grey clouds skudding across the sky. It wasn't cold but there was a hint of mizzle for a couple of minutes in the second half of the match.

Huddersfield arrived with a strong team, half of them fresh from Crystal Palace, the London Petanque Club competition.

The teams were quickly written down and the games got underway with the triples first.
Kevin Hepworth, Christine Appleyard and Robin McDermott representing Mirfield, against Rita and Robin Schofield and Phil Jones for Huddersfield.

This game kicked off with Huddersfield scoring a 4 ant one end, but Mirfield struck back with a 3 soon after. Christine was putting in some fine points, supported by Kevin and Robin Mc, only to be beaten by a single second boule by Phil. Time and again this occured, and the scores began to rack up for Huddersfield. Rita was also pointing well and Robin managed to useful knock-ups or in-off shots. Mirfield battled on and had some bad luck, only managing to reach 6 before Huddersfield ended the game when they managed to get to 13.

Our other trio was Jim Campey, Stuart Bolton and Walter Bottrill against the formidible team of Paul Simpkins, Brendon Callaghan and Roy Henstock. Huddersfield started the scoring with a single point at the forst end. The Mirfield trio put in some useful points, but Brendon was on form with his shooting and was also remarkably accurate pointing when needed. He was backed up by Roy who played consistently and Paul also played a good game. Tactics were a feature for Huddersfield and it paid off despite valiant attempts to disrupt the flow of the game by the Mirfield team. The game was soon over with Huddersfield taking the honours 13 - 4. Well played Mirfield, it was closer than the score implies.

Two games up for Huddersfield and a brief pause for a comfort break and then on to round two, the pairs games.

Walter and Robin played against Phil and Brendon. At one particular end, the coche was pushed back to within an inch of the dead end barrier, with Mirfield holding the point about one foot away. Roy somehow managed to throw his boule over the 11 metres to strike the Mirfield boule and cause it to hit the backstop and go out of play leaving Roy's boule scoring the point. Both Walter and Robin put in some useful boules and quite often disrupted the end to Mirfield's advantage, but the Huddersfield pair piled on the pressure for a quick resolution and won the game 13 - 4. Three games to Huddersfield. Was this going to be a whitewash?

Meanwhile, Jim and Stuart had their own problems, quickly falling behind by 4 - 0 to a determined Robin and Rita who up to this game had an unblemished record of game wins in the West Yorkshire competition. Mirfield stuck to their game plan and kept scoring the odd point after some superb pointing by Stuart. Jim managed to gain some confidence to shoot, urged on by Stuart and this seemed to work, gaining ground on the Huddersfield pair's score until they drew level and then went ahead. The game was really close and the Mirfield duo were in touching distance of the win. It could have gone either way, but the final end came when Mirfield held point at score 12 and the Huddersfield pair could not get closer. A magnificent come back and win by Stuart and Jim, well done. A win for Mirfield with a score of 13 - 10. Huddersfield winning 3 games to 1.

The last pairs game was a cracker. Kevin and Christine were playing against Paul and Roy. Both teams seemed equally matched as the scores kept close all through the game. Christine was pointing well and managed to do the impossible by sneaking in front of Roys boule lying two inches behind the coche Kevin kept up some impressive shooting and together they inched ahead to 12 - 10. Only one more point was required to gain the win, but Huddersfield put in three scoring boules of their own in close proximity to the coche and Kevin only held two boules to try to dismiss one or more boules. However, his boules landed close but unfortunately didn't manage to reduce their score and Huddersfield took the win 13 - 12. Well played Kevin and Christine, it was very entertaining and simply bad luck at the last end.

So, Huddersfield took the Match 4 games to 1 with 62 points as apposed to 39 for Mirfield a 23 point difference.

The league table as of today stands at -

Heckmondwike Played 7 Won 22 Points Difference 81
Wetherby Played 6 Won 20 Points Difference 86
Huddersfield Played 7 Won 20 Points Difference 45
Leeds Played 6 Won 17 Points Difference 19
Mirfield Played 7 Won 12 Points Difference -115
Harrogate Played 7 Won 9 Points difference -116

After the social game in the afternoon, we held a special presentation for two of our members. It is Irene and John Allatt's 60th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday, so we gave them a special Anniversary Cake, a card and a gift to mark the occasion. It was nice to be able to do this and for once, Irene was speechless. Congratulations to you both from all your friends at Mirfield Petanque Club.

We play social boules this Friday and remember it is the Canal and River Boat trip on Saturday at 12:00 Hrs from the Shepley Bridge Marina. Bring your picnic and drinks for those who have booked.

Harry Overend - Secretary, Mirfield Petanque Club.



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