West Yorkshire League

West Yorkshire League

Monday 10 June 2019 - Mirfield v Harrogate - West Yorkshire Pétanque League

Monday morning saw some good pétanque weather which was also reasonably warm. Harrogate arrived in good time and after a short practice, the triples games got underway.
First up was Mirfield's team of Ian Greaves, Walter Botterill and Robin McDermott against Harrogate's David Sutcliffe, Maureen Bowland and Brenda Sutcliffe.
After the first 4 boules had been delivered Harrogate found temselves with 1 up, but Walter changed that with a superb point to take the lead, quickly followed by two more from the Mirfield team to score 3 - 0 at the first end.
2nd - end a long coche delivered by Ian failed to beat the Harrogate boulers who scored a 1 to bring the scores to 3 - 1.
3rd end - was a close cluster of boules from both teams. Walter nearly took the coche through the pack but Harrogate managed to score a 3.. 3 - 4 to Harrogate.
4th end - more close boules clustering around the coche with no shooting left Harrogate scoring a 1... 3 - 5 to Harrogate.
5th end - Ian managed to get his two boules into a scoring position but they were beaten by a Harrogate boule. Walter sneaked his boule in to take point, but again Harrogate struck back. Robin came to the rescue and managed to get his 2 boules in and scoring, but Harrogate came again and ended up removing one of Robin's boules to score a 1 to Mirfield... 4 - 5.
6th end - Ian got his first delivery to within 6 inches of the coche Harrogate used up all their boules but could not get nearer. This left us with 5 boules in hand. However, it was difficult to get in close and all boules were used up without any gain. Walter did move the coche through a short way, but this still only resulted in a 1 score for Mirfield.. 5 - 5.
7th end - Some good pointing here gave Mirfield 3 points.. 8 - 5.
8th end - Another very tight end and Harrogate came away with 2 points... 8 - 7.
9th end - Yet another close end gave Mirfield a welcome score of 3 points... 11 - 7.
10th end - Harrogate cained a point to take the score to 11 - 8.
11th end - Robin took a great point to take the score to the dreaded 12 for Mirfield - 8 to Harrogate.
12th end - Harrogate fought back with a 2 at this end... 12 - 10.
13th end - the dreaded 12 haunted Mirfield and Harrogate seized the initiative with a 1... 12 - 11.
14th end - Another close end and unfortunately for Mirfield, Harrogate;s boules got knocked on for a score of 2 to win the game... 12 - 13.

Triple 2 featured Stuart Bolton, Chris Hopkins and Jim Campey for Mirfield and Kevin Neil, Tony Smith and Bob Laughton for Harrogate.
Mirfield surged ahead with a 2 at the first end, followed by another 1 at the 2nd. The third end saw Mirfield score a magnificent 3 to take the lead by 6 - 0.
It was at this point that the wheels fell off and Mirfield luck ran out. Harrogate hit back with a 2 at the next three ends to put the score level at 6 - 6.
At the next three ends Harrogate took the score to 10 - 6 in their favour. Then it was Mirfield’s turn to fight back. At each of the next two ends they scored two points to level the match at 10 - 10. They then went on to score three points at the next three ends to take the match by 13 - 10. This was a closely contested match which could have gone either way with some good pointing and shooting by both teams.
After the triples the match score was one game each.

In the first of the pairs game of Ian and Robin against David and Brenda again the Mirfield team took the early advantage. They raced into a 7 - 0 lead after four ends. However, at the next end Harrogate scored a triple and the Mirfield duo added one to their score. Mirfield now led 8 - 3. Harrogate were then able to score one point to reduce the lead and make the score 8 - 4. The game then changed dramatically when David fired at a congested end and moved boules and the cloche all over the place. When the boules were counted Harrogate went 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 and .......6. Oh dear ! Brenda was even looking for another one ! This shocked the Mirfield pair and at the next end Harrogate scored the three required to take the match by a score of 13 - 8.

Pairs Game 2 - Harry Overend had been coaxed out of semi-retirement to play and partnered with Chris Hopkins who took on Tony Smith and Maureen Boland from Harrogate.
Harry and Chris started really well with some superb pointing by Chris and some half decent shooting by Harry to go ahead by 6 - 0 after four ends. Harrogate managed to score a 1 to bring them into the game... 6 - 1.
The ends flowed by with Maureen making some excellent shots and supported by pointing from Tony. But Mirfield kept up the pressure and eventually running out as winners with a score of 13 - 9.

In the final pairs match Jim and Stuart were against Kevin and Bob. This was another tight game with firstly Mirfield taking the lead at 4 -1 and 5 - 4. Harrogate pulled the score back and they led 7 -5 and 11 - 6. It looked over for the Mirfield pair, but with some good pointing from both players they clawed their way back. This was done by taking one point at each of the next seven ends to take a dramatic victory 13 -11. The victory was achieved with Stuart's fine pointing and Jim providing the necessary good pointing and shooting when needed.

The match ended with a 3 - 2 game wins for Mirfield with 59 points (+3) to Harrogate's 56 points (-3) Well played to all Mirfield players who did their best and things might have been different if luck had been on our side when we missed out on a 12-13 loss.
Thank you to the Harrogate players who gave us a tough set of games which was entertaining to watch and play in.

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Everyone then went in for refreshments whilst our social players arrived to play their first game.

Harry Overend and Ian Greaves



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