West Yorkshire League

West Yorkshire League

Wetherby v Mirfield

MPC made the long trip up the A1 to Wetherby for Tuesday's WY League match.

Sticking with the usual teams for triples the match got under way and immediately Nev, Christine W and Walter scored a three at the first end. What a start. Unfortunately Wetherby recovered their senses and soon were 6 - 3 in front. Some excellent shooting and a real home advantage of being able to read the terrain to their benefit. The Mirfield team clung on and were in position at one stage to go 9 - 8 up but with their final boule Wetherby stole the end to go 9 - 6 up. This was the final nail and the coffin and The match ended 13 - 6 to Wetherby.

Jim, Kevin and Christine A had a ding dong battle and at one stage were 10 - 9 up but again the Wetherby team proved resilient and with a 2 pulled back to 11 -10 up and at the next end got a further 2 to run out victors.

2 - 0 to Wetherby.

On to the pairs.

Jim and Neville started their game and in not many minutes it was all over. An unbelievable exhibition of accurate shooting meant MPC did not score a point. Our best chance was when Roger Nunns of Wetherby shot the coche high into the air just missing his wife and landing on the next piste. Alas we couldn't even get a point from this end.

Walter and Christine W fared slightly better managing to get 2 points in their match.

Kevin and Christine A were our best hope and at one stage were 10 - 4 up but the Wetherby curse struck and they could not add to this score and lost 10 - 13.

A whitewash.

A strong Wetherby team and a difficult to read terrain contributed to a pretty bad day at the office for MPC.

We were treated to tea and biscuits in the clubhouse and bid farewell to our opponents hoping for a better match at Mirfield.

Perhaps we can gain home advantage from our completely different terrains.

For those who can bear to read them the scores can be seen by licking the link below.

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