West Yorkshire League

West Yorkshire League

Mirfield v Heckmondwike

On a dry, warm and sunny morning Heckmondwike were the visitors to play Mirfield in the latest West Yorkshire League fixture.

The match started with the customary triples games. Walter Bottrill, Christine Whitehead and Nev Scholes were drawn to play Jane Farrar, Ian Fitten and Clive Westley from Heckmondwike. Mirfield scored two points at the first end but then soon found themselves 2 - 8 down They were also 9 - 4 down before going on a great run to forge their way to a really excellent victory by 13 points to 10. It was an entrancing game to watch, especially for the Mirfield supporters when it was the home team who was successful in the end.

In the second triples game the Mirfield team of Christine Appleyard, Kevin Hepworth and Jim Campey were matched against Pam Wallace, Alan Wallace and Roger Farrar. After four ends Heckmondwike had raced into a 7 - 0 lead as a result of some good pointing. The Mirfield team came fighting back, Christine pointing well and backed up by Kevin and Jim to lead by 8 - 7. However unfortunately they could not maintain their progress and Heckmondwike levelled the triples match score with a 13 - 8 victory.

In the first of the pairs games Nev and Walter played Ian and Clive. The early ends were close affairs and after four ends Mirfield trailed by 3 - 4 but from that point the Heckmondwike players took control with Clive in particular playing extremely well. They completed the victory by scoring five points at the final end. Nev and Walter just found the opposition too good on the day.
In the second pairs match Christine W and Jim were partnered with Jane and Roger. In this game Jane and Roger took control of the game and after three ends led by 7 - 0. To their credit, Christine and Jim never gave up. Christine pointed well and Jim produced some good play to come back into the game. They reduced the arrears to 5 - 7 and then from 5 - 10 down to be just one point behind at 9 - 10 At the next three ends, however, Heckmondwike scored a point at each to win the game 13 - 9. This was a close game and well played to all.

In the final game Christine A and Kevin were matched against Pam and Alan. The game progressed and the Mirfield pair were just a point behind at 4 - 5. This included a dead end when it could not be decided which team's boule was nearer to the coche. Then the game changed in Heckmondwike's favour when Mirfield were nearest to the coche and Pam fired. The coche went sideways with the nearest boule two meters away. Heckmondwike had two scoring boules and with Mirfield out of boules Pam and Alan pointed to score a total of five points to lead 10 - 4. This was bad luck for Christine and Kevin. The lead was too great for them to overcome and the game finished 13 - 5 to Heckmondwike. The final score did not reflect the closeness of the game.

The final match score was four games to one to Heckmondwike.

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