West Yorkshire League

West Yorkshire League

Harrogate v Mirfield

The weather forecast was for occasional rain but even though the day was dull the rain stayed away.

Harrogate members and team were most welcoming and the competition started promptly at 1pm.

The triple games were first and the home team of Nigel Clay, Tony Smith and Keith Featherstone were up against the Mirfield trio of Christine Whitehead, Walter Bottrill and Fred Smith. Christine was pointing well and Mirfield surged into a 8 - 2 lead. However at the next end Harrogate fought back and scored an excellent six points to level the score The contest was tight and moved to 11 each. The Mirfield team were then able to collect two points to win the game so Mirfield led one game to nil.

In the second triple the home team was Brenda Sutcliffe, David Sutcliffe and Maureen Bolard whilst Mirfield's team was Carol Greaves, Ian Greaves and Jim Campey. After two points at the first end for the Mirfield triple they then found themselves 6 - 2 down. They fought back and the score reached 9 points to each team. On two occasions the Mirfield team had the opportunity to score the four points needed when they held one scoring boule and four to play. On each occasion they unfortunately came away with just scoring one point and led 11 - 9. Harrogate made them pay when they scored the four points they required at the next two ends to take the game 13 - 11. This was a disappointing result for the three Mirfield players. The overall score now being one game each.

In the pairs games Harrogate's Nigel and Tony were matched against Ian and Jim. Ian pointed accurately and Jim was impressive with his shooting and adding scoring shots. The Mirfield pair quickly concluded the game and won 13 - 0. Mirfield were now leading two games to one..
In the second of the pairs Mirfield's Fred and Viv Smith were against Brenda and David. The Mirfield pair could not read the terrain as well as the Harrogate pair and were beaten 13 - 3. Two games all and the match rested on the final game.

In this game Christine and Walter took on Maureen and Keith. This was another keenly fought contest. The score was close throughout and included scores of 6 across and 8 across and 10 across. Christine again produced a good pointing shot to move the score to 11 - 10. At the next end Christine put a boule near the coche. However Harrogate's final boule beat it. Walter, with his first boule of the end, clipped out the lead boule and left his there to add to Christine's boule This meant Mirfield won the game 13 - 10 and the match three games to two.

Well played to both teams in what turned out to be an enjoyable and friendly encounter.

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Ian Greaves.



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