West Yorkshire League

West Yorkshire League

Mirfield v Leeds

West Yorkshire League - Mirfield v Leeds - Monday 29th April 2019

Triples Game 1 - Christine Appleyard, Kevin Hepworth and Harry Overend were drawn against Richard Burrow, Nestor Matthews and Jean Povey. The pattern of the game was set from the first end. Christine with some excellent pointing would point near the coche and Richard would fire it away, This continued throughout the game and with Kevin and Harry not at their best the Leeds triple ran out 13 - 4 winners.

Eventually, Leeds surged ahead to reach 13, leaving us with only 4 points on the board.

Triple Game 2 - Neville, Chris H and Robin had drawn Paul Mathews, Sam Porter and Steve Rollinson, another strong team of players. Leeds surged ahead and were on 7 before we got our first score. However, this turned out to be one long game, about 1 hour 40 minutes, give or take. Mirfield began to creep up on the Leeds score and eventually leveled it and from here it was point for point, end to end stuff. The penultimate end was remarkable, in that Mirfield were holding point after a flick on of the coche to within a foot of both the side and back boards. Leeds were out of boules and Mirfield held 4 boules and only needed to pitch one into a wide open space with a target area of 3 metres, but all four of our boules fell short or collided with the back of the pack. How did that happen? This meant they needed to play another end to get from 12 to 13. Leeds were on 11. Fortunately Neville managed a rare accurate shot which removed the Leeds boule from the coche and leaving Mirfield on with two. The first Leeds shot got rid of the nearest boule but they could not hit Mirfield's second which allowed Mirfield to get their single to win the game 13 - 11. Well done lads on not giving up after a disappointing start and coming through to win.... eventually. Note from Nev - must practice getting nearer than 6 feet to a coche !!!!!

Pairs Game 3 - Neville and Robin took on Paul and Sam. This game was over in short order with the Leeds team taking the honours. Our pair fought hard, but didn't quite get the breaks they needed. Leeds won 13 - 1.

Pairs Game 1 - Harry and Chris H were paired with Richard Burrow and Jean Povey. Richard is arguably Leeds' best shooter and Jean is a good pointer. Harry and Chris just couldn't get into any winning places without there boules being shot away. A good win for Leeds with a score of 13 - 2.

Pairs Game 2 - Kevin and Christine A versus Nestor and Steve was the last game to finish and it was a close game too. Kevin improved in his shooting game and Christine continued to point well ensuring victory at 13 - 11 to Mirfield.

The final score was 3 game wins to Leeds with 61 points scored and 2 wins to Mirfield with 33 points scored. This puts us currently in 3rd place in the league behind Wetherby and Leeds, but ahead of Harrogate who have only won 1 game when they played Wetherby who scored 4 wins at Harrogate.

Not a bad start to the season and all to play for.

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