Month End Melee

Final Monday Monthly Melee

With a weather forecast threatening thunderstorms on 18 members tuned out for the June Month End Melee and before we could get started the heavens opened so it was back to the clubhouse to wait out the storm. Luckily Susan had a quiz in her bag to keep us happy for twenty minutes while the rain abated.

Eventually we managed to get out and survey the waterlogged pistes. As there were so few of us the pistes with the most water on weren't needed. Numbers drawn it was on to round one. No fannies and at the end of the round we had three front runners.

Round two saw Robin finish in front with Jim snapping at his heels. The rain held off and it got increasingly warmer so much so that Susan was down to her t-shirt - honest !!

On to round three and Robin lost his lead and at the end of the round we had 4 players on 4 wins. In third place was Robin on 3 wins and +20, and in joint first place were Jim and Colin on 3 wins and +21.

Paddy was just out of the places with 3 wins and +19.

So Robin nets 5 points and Colin and Jim get 7 each.

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