Month End Melee

Final Monday Monthly Melee

Only 21 members braved not very nice Bank Holiday Monday weather for the May Month end melee.

The start was delayed in the hope that the rain would abate which it did and off we went into round 1.

No sooner had we started than the rains returned and rather than get wet Christine Whitehead and her partner Ken rattled through the points to a 13 - 0 fannying of Christine A and Irene. So with everyone else getting damp off they all went into the dry ! Most other games went to more respectable scores and the round ended with last months champion Christine W in front with Ken.

Round two was played in sunshine one minute and showers the next. More like April than May and at the end of this round there were 4 people on two wins so all to play for in round 3.

Round 3 came and went very quickly for some games ending in 13 - 2 or 13 - 3 but most others went to 13 - 8 or 13 - 9.

Just as the melee ended the clouds parted and the sun came out - typical. At least the scoresheet could dry out a bit. Into the pavilion for refreshments. Susan S had brought along some cake from Saturday's Cricket teas.

Only 2 people manged to keep their unbeaten record over all three rounds with a third scoring a very high points difference with only 2 wins.

The places went as follows.

In third place with 2 wins and +22 points was Ken - he receives 4 points
In second place with 3 wins and +15 points was Susan Scholes who receives 6 points
And in first place with 3 wins and +16 points was Colin who receives 7 points.
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Fred then presented the Fanny Trophy to Irene (Christine A had to leave early)

Colin has now jumped into the lead with Jim C joint 2nd with Christine Whitehead.

Neville Scholes



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