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Mirfield P├ętanque Club - Choose your own Pairs Competition - Monday 15th April 2019

This was an extra special event for Mirfield Members. The weather was being very kind to us, as it was fair weather clouds and sun with a bit of a breeze, which got warmer as the afternoon wore on and members began discarding top coats. We had another excellent turn out of members, with 36 taking part and 4 spectating due to injury or illness. So 40 members enjoying this special day and from what I witnessed from the sidelines, there was some excellent play with tight ends and good shooting and pointing, using tactics and skill in equal measure.

First blood was to our Huddersfield visitors of Sue and Maureen who triumphed over the triple of Walter, Paddy and Liz 13 - 0. Close behind them were Jim and Christine and Susan and Nev.

Onto Round 2

Another great round for Sue and Maureen from Hudds with another 13 - 0 win putting them in front on +26 ! Nev and Sue had another good game and were second with +19. On +18 there were no fewer than 3 couples so all to play for in round 3 although Sue and Maureen would take some catching.

The games all got a bit tighter in round 3 but Nev and Sue managed a 13-4 win against Colin, Patricia and Cheryl and finished the day on 3 wins and +28 which put them 2 up on the current leaders.

Sue and Maureen were playing against Fred and Viv and at 10 all it could go either way. Unfortunately for Nev and Sue it ended 13 - 10 to the Hudds pair thus crushing Nev and Sue's chance of a win. This game was all the more remarkable since Sue and Maureen were 3 -10 down at one stage. Well done ladies.

By the end, everyone gathered in the clubhouse, eager to see what all the recent secret organisation had produced. The Mirfield ladies had been planning something for weeks and all was revealed when we entered the club. Anne and Harry Overend were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this coming Friday (19th April) and Lucy and Steve Sharp were celebrating theirs the week after on the 26th April. So the members had arranged for a bit of a do today. Ruth had made the most wonderful Golden Wedding Celebration Cake bedecked with gold roses and inscribed with the two couples' names. It was stunning just to look at it, as you walked into the club lounge. What a very nice surprise and it tasted even better than it looked. Thank you Ruth. Boule

Jackie had requested that members bring in a photograph of themselves on their wedding day and these were numbered and members were asked to peruse these and write down who they thought it was and estimate the year of the wedding. What a brilliant and totally fascinating quiz. It was much harder than you would expect, as we have all aged just a little and some of the clothing styles were interesting and gave an indication of the era, wow those flairs and big hair. I am not sure who won this fun quiz, but it wasn't me. Thank you Jackie that was a masterful idea.

Ian made the announcement about the results of the boules competition and in reverse order, these were...

In third place, Lucy and Steve with a two game help from Ruth with a score of 3 Wins and + 22

In second place with three wins and + 28 was Susan and Neville.

In first place with 3 wins and a magnificent + 29 was Sue and Maureen, our lovely ladies from Huddersfield, who were given a bottle of wine each as their prize. They both very kindly thanked the members, but re-donated the bottles to the raffle. What a very sporting gesture ladies, thank you. Boule

Click here to see results

Jackie had also been busy collecting raffle prizes from our ever generous members and selling raffle tickets back to them. The prizes filled a double table and the window cill. I think almost everyone won something and Jackie proudly revealed that the raffle had raised more than 85 pounds. Thank you everyone, and especially Jackie.

It was then time for the two Golden couples to cut the celebration Golden Wedding cake. It seemed such a shame to cut into this masterpiece, but the four of us joined hands on the knife to do the honours. Not easy when we have two left handers in Anne and Lucy. The cake was whisked away into the kitchen to be divided up so that everyone could enjoy this lemon cream filling cake.
Mmmmm Mmmmm! Boule

Meanwhile, Steve and I busied ourselves by opening six bottles of celebratory fizz and these were handed around to all the members.

As if that wasn't enough, Anne was given a huge, boxed arrangement of flowers, and a voucher, which we won't open until the 19th. Lucy and Steve are away soon, so flowers were not appropriate for them at this time, but they did get a voucher. Even though we expressly stated that we didn't want any gifts, our friends still felt the need to give us something. Anne got a bunch of flowers from Aly and Chris and they gave Harry a new magnetic boule picker (it saves the old lad from having to bend down). So very kind and really good of you to come all the way from France via Whitnash to be with us. Robin had taken Harry's antique nail boule to make a stand for it, so he could put it on display. The result was a lovely machine turned wooden dish, perfectly fitting the boule. Robin would not take any monetary payment for this and said it was a gift from Carole and himself. Thank you, it will take pride of place in our bay window. Lucy gave Anne a small arrangement of golden roses, thank you Lucy. We all got lots of cards too. Because we hadn't seen much of Doreen Hutchinson lately due to illness, Jackie thanked her for coming today and wished her well and hoped to see her again very soon. Doreen was given a bunch of flowers. Nice to have you back Doreen.

Ian proposed a toast to the two Golden couples and it was then discovered that it was Susan Scholes and Christine Whitehead's birthday recently, so we all sang the Happy Brithday song to both of them.

Harry then stood up on behalf of Anne, Lucy and Steve to thank everyone for this wonderful celebration and their very kind wishes. Special thanks to the ladies who organised everything and a special mention to Ruth for that cake. Thank you everyone for making this day so memorable. One of my favourite memories will be Margaret, sexily walking towards me along the piste, not realising it was a video I was taking on my phone complete with sound and not a photograph. Good on ya Margaret, you are a star.

Note .. This video can be viewed in our Gallery. Margaret you are now a global star .. Nev

We may not be the biggest club, but I believe we have the best club members of any club, anywhere.

Thank You All
Harry Overend, Mirfield Petanque Club Secretary



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