Social Melee

Day after St. Patrick's Day Irish Boules Competition

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Thirty-four members turned up for today's event. Jim would have been well impressed and his stats will no doubt be recorded for future reference.

Typically, our Huddersfield lady members dressed for the occasion and their big green hats seemed a good idea in the cool breeze that we encountered at the start of the games. However, the false ginger beards got a bit annoying and the hats were eventually removed as the afternoon warmed up.

Three games ensued and I can say that the three games I took part in were all keenly fought and so close at the end it could have gone either way. As it happened I got 2 out of three wins. My only loss was to Margaret Hill and her partner. Margaret would like this very unexpected win to go down in dispatches !!

I noticed others were playing well and saw a few very closely fought ends.

The weather behaved and it was a decent afternoon considering the washout experienced over the weekend.

Back in the clubhouse we were treated to chocolate cake and Easter buns as it was Sue and Viv's birthdays, so they got the usual birthday song and a round of applause. Viv will be bringing her cake next Monday.

Thanks ladies and Happy Birthday.

Jackie announced that secret plans were being made to celebrate Anne's birthday and Anne & Harry's 50th Wedding Anniversary which falls on Friday 19th April. Also it is the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Lucy & Steve on Friday 26th April.

To mark this double half century, Mirfield members have arranged to provide a shared celebration cake being baked by Ruth. The secret had to be exposed to everyone to ensure Anne & Harry and Lucy & Steve attended the event. This special celebration is to be held on Monday 15th April 2019 at MPC after the social games.

It has been requested by the two couples that no presents are given, just your presence is sufficient for them.

Jackie reminded members to please donate any raffle prizes for the Easter Raffle.

Harry reminded members to book their places for the Canal and River Trip to be held on Saturday 22 June starting off from Shepley Bridge Marina at 12:00 hrs. We have already got 14 members booked, so 10 places still available.

It has also been reported that Paddy has broken her wrist, which is now in a pot. Fortunately it is not her boules arm so she'll still be able to chuck boules. We all send our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Finally, as it was a St Patrick's Event, Harry performed an Irish mind reading trick. It wasn't difficult reading a lot of minds, it reminded him of the Thesaurus he bought on Ebay. When he got it and unwrapped it, he discovered that all the pages were completely blank. He had no words to describe just how annoyed he was. Anyway, Harry asked everyone to remain silent, but think of a number between 1 and 3.

You should have seen the look of amazement on everyone's face when Harry revealed the answer (2) written on the palm of his hand.

A few didn't know how he did it.

Harry Overend
Mirfield Petanque Club Secretary



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