Month End Melee

Final Monday Month end Melee

This is how I started the report for the Feb 2018 Month end melee

25 members defied the "Beast from the East" and turned out for February's Month End Melee. We'll be Ok said Jim the hedge down the left hand side of the terrains will shelter us - that would explain most people playing with a severe crouch in their stance, trying to get as much shelter from the bitter wind as possible.

What a difference a year makes.

34 members turned out on what was a record breaking February day (in Wales the temperature broke the Feb record at 20.3 deg) Not sure what it was in Mirfield but it must have been warm as my Susan was down to two layers !!

This may also have been a record turn out for a month end Melee.

One or two players had applied sun screen before starting the first round and soon one or two players sweating for different reasons. Myself and Sue from Hudds were staring a Fanny in the face (as it were) playing Ken and Marie from Hudds. Fortunately we managed to bag a couple of points but that was all in a 2 - 13 defeat. Phew that was close.

Judging by some of the other scores there were a couple of other close shaves in the Fanny stakes and also some very closely fought games. The round ended with Colin, Marie, Harry and Ken all on +11 way out in front.

On to round two.

This time it was Brian and Christine Whitehead who nearly got Fannied. Christine was probably worrying about her packing for her New Zealand trip, not sure what Brian was worrying about (sorry B). Again there were quite a number of very close run games but at the end of this round Colin had established a commanding lead at + 21 with Walter on +15.

On to round three

Again lots of very close games ending at 13 - 12. and again no Fannies so the trophies would be staying in the cupboard this month. As soon as players had completed their games instead of the usual scramble to get into the warmth of the pavilion, people were sitting and chatting in the sun.

Eventually we all repaired to the clubhouse for refreshments and to see who had bagged the extra points this month.
Ian announced the results and for the first time ever there was an error in the scores which affected the top places.

Ian announced that in third place was Cheryl with 3 wins and +15. Cheryl gets 5 points. In second place was himself with 3 wins and +16 Ian nets 6 points. In the top spot though with 3 wins and +26 was Colin. Congratulations to him and 7 points.

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Report by
Neville Scholes



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