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13/30 Whistleblower's Melee

A total of 33 members turned out on a half decent day for the annual 30/30 Whistleblower competition. The rules are quite simple the first game to reach a result of 13 calls out and all other games stop immediately and scores are recorded. If all games reach 30 minutes then this signals the end of the game and again scores are recorded as they stand.

In the absence of a whistle it was decided to call BINGO when a game reached 13 or if the 30 mins was up.

Simples !!!


Play got underway with all matches nervously looking at the scoreboards to see if anyone was near to calling a halt. One or two were getting near the bottom of the scoreboard but it was Neville and Carol Greaves who got the honours and cried BINGO to halt the other games.

Everyone stopped and trooped up to the table to record their scores prior to the next game. We even had some drawn scores, something you don't see in Month End Melees !

On to Game 2.

This time the honours went to Christine C and Ruth calling a halt when they got to 13 - 2. Carol Greaves and Walter had only got to 3 - 4 in their game against Sue M and Gillian ! Again scores were recorded and at this stage Neville was in front with +14.

Game 3

This game seemed to take longer than the others but still didn't reach the 30 minute limit before BINGO was called by Jim C and Robin.

All games over the scores were recorded and checked and double checked. Off to the clubhouse for tea and lots of cake provided by the twins in celebration of their recent birthday. Thank you Paddy and Carol.

Ian announced the results. In fourth place with +11 and 2 wins was Jackie. In joint 2nd place with +16 and 3 wins was Fred and Ann Clarke but in first place with +20 and 3 wins was Neville.

Unfortunately for Nev on this occasion there was no trophy - oh well-less dusting !

With pending or recently celebrated birthdays for Sandra, Jackie and Carol D a round of "Happy Birthday" was called for and performed by the assembled members.

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