Month End Melee

A cold but calm afternoon greeted 30 members for the first Month End Melee of the 2019 campaign. All the usual suspects were there hoping to hold on to or maintain their 2018 form. Most importantly and really good to see was Harry who had come along to try to knock Stuart and Jim off their perches.

Great to see you Harry and we're all thinking about you and Anne.

With the numbers drawn it was time to get playing to try and keep warm.

Round 1

Neville and Harry were drawn against Colin and Sandra. Harry was a bit bothered about his form but he needn't have worried as it all came back to him with two points scored at the first end. Unfortunately there wouldn't be many more points to them as Sandra was on blistering form and couldn't seem to get further away from the coche than 6 inches. Ably assisted by Colin she steamed through to a 13 - 5 win. She confessed that since attending one of Harry's training sessions her form had improved. So it was all Harry's fault !!

Along with Sandra and Colin there were a number of other +8 scores but out in front at the end of round 1 were Sue Metcalfe and last year's winner Stuart Bolton. There were no fanny scores in this round.

Round 2

Life was hard one of the B pistes as it had not thawed out and consequently it was like playing on concrete.

Sue M maintained her form and partnered with Nev managed another +9 points to make her firm leader on +19. Harry scored a win to make up for round 1 but Stuart didn't manage to add to his first round win and indeed at one stage he and his partner were about 10 points adrift but managed to pull back to 13 - 7 at the end. Again there were no fannies. We must be getting good.

Round 3

On the triples piste, the Scholes' were teamed with Jim against Sandra, Patricia and Dave, This was a ding dong battle right to the end but the Scholes team managed 3 at the final end to come through 13 - 12 winners.

But over on Sue Metcalfe's piste she was maintaining her form and having won 13 - 4 made her final tally of 3 wins and +28 points unassailable. Again there were no fannies so the trophies can go back in the cupboard.

So this gave Sue M first place with Steve Sharp second on 3 wins and + 19 with Ken in third place with 3 wins and +16.
Commiserations to Chris Hopkins who, had he not had to steam home with his grandson's car seat, might have been in the running as he finished with 2 wins and +16.

Back in the clubhouse we were treated to cake provided by birthday girl Carol Cropped. Thank you Carol.

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