Month End Melee

Final Monday Month end Melee

December 10th 2018

A total of 32 members turned out for the final Month End Melee of 2018 not all of them in time for the first game but 29 made it for the start.

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife with the top three players all within sniping distance depending on the results of the next three matches.

So off we went and before you could say Christmas is coming two matches were over at 13 - 0 so four fanny trophies required in the first round !!

Jim C and Ian G both won 13 - 0 thus keeping their title bid alive. Carol Dransfield and Ken also scoring 13 - 0. The current leader Stuart also won as did Harry so all to play for in the following round. Colin and Ruth and Neville and Christine had a really well fought game with the lead changing hands several times until one end when Neville and Christine bagged a 5 and eventually ran out 13 - 8 winners. A score that didn't fully do an excellent match justice.

On to round two and Stuart and his partner Viv were pitted against Neville and Sue Burnett. Neville and Sue did all they could to help Stuart's campaign along managing to score just a single point. Stuart and Viv were in excellent form and the opposition didn't stand a chance !! In other matches Harry and Jim Campey kept up the pressure with wins but unfortunately Ian faltered and lost. The maths were really getting interesting now. Carol Dransfield had also won another game leaving her in second place in this round with Jim in pole position and Harry third.

Into the third round and even more fannies to come. Sue Burnett went from losing 13 - 1 to winning with her partner Harry 13 - 0. What a comeback, well done Sue.

Ian managed a win but would not be figuring in the top three places. Stuart won his final game with an overall points sore of +21. His partner was Neville who he'd thrashed in the previous round. However Neville showed no hard feelings and helped him to victory over Ken and Dave. Would this be enough ? The calculators were red hot trying to work out if Jim could catch him. But with Harry on a magnificent +31 and dark horse Carol Dransfield maintaining form to finish on three wins and +30, Jim could only manage a third place with three wins and +23. This meant that Stuart with three wins had managed to keep his nose out in front by one point. Congratulations to him and commiserations to Jim, He so nearly did it.

Back into the club house to double check the scoresheet and enjoy some birthday flapjack made by recent birthday girl Ruth and some mince pies made by Susan S. Thank you to them. It was also Colin's birthday a week or so ago and Sue Burnett's so a triple Happy Birthday song was called for.

BouleBouleAs there are only two Fanny trophies these were presented to Ruth and Liz based on their overall scores in the three games.

There were five members on three wins today. Cheryl just missing out on a place by 1 point. Hard luck Cheryl.

In third place was Jim C with three wins and + 23 giving him 5 points.
In second place with three wins and +30 points was Carol Dransfield who gets 6 points.
But in first place for this month with three wins and a magnificent +31 points giving him 7 points was Harry. Well done H.

Ian presented this Month's winner trophy to Harry.

The winners for this year will be confirmed at the Christmas Fuddle on Monday 17th December.Boule

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