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Cafe Nosh - Extra Xmas Extraviganza - Friday 14th December at 14:00 hrs.

Mirfield Petanque Cafe Nosh 2018

The first of our two Xmas celebrations took place today at Cafe Nosh in Mirfield. The restaurant was filled to capacity with Mirfield Pétanque Club Members out to enjoy themselves after a very successful year playing pétanque. We chatted for a while enjoying each others company until the food began to be served. What a lovely spread. Turkey with all the trimmings, cooked to perfection and generous helpings too. It was obvious from all the laughter emanating from various locations that people were having fun.
BouleBefore long the puddings were being served. Christmas Pudding, Sherry Trifle or Cheesecake, all of which were delicious and people exclaiming that it was the best Sherry Trifle they had ever tasted. Then the obligatory tea or coffee was served, each course efficiently delivered by pleasant staff. As we were enjoying the tea and coffees, the proprietor announced that she had a surprise. She asked us to shout out three numbers up to 39. She wrote these down and then asked us to turn over our decorative place mats and find a number discreetly written underneath. Then she asked who was the persons having each of the numbers we had previously called out. Viv was the first to be called and the proprietor gave her a large bottle of Gin. The second number called was won by Doreen and they received a pair of gloves. The last number called belonged to Lucy and she was given the most delightful jar, full of silver surfers. Faces peering out of the jar, what fun. Lucy very kindly handed this to Jackie to put into the raffle at our forthcoming Xmas Fuddle. What a very generous gesture this was by the proprietor and she received a huge round of applause for this surprise draw.

Harry then stood up to announce another surprise presentation. Our club had bought two trophies last year to be awarded to the man and woman considered to have improved their game during 2018. However, we had intended having a secret ballot of all members to achieve this. Unfortunately, it did not take place, so Harry took an executive decision for him and Anne to choose who these two players should be. We deliberated long and hard and it wasn't easy. Quite a few of the men had improved their game, particularly after buying a competition set of boules. Harry had taken several opportunities throughout the year to sit out during games, particularly during the time he was suffering from the infamous kidney stone and following two operations. After discussing the merits of the most likely candidates things became clearer. The winning gentleman has attended almost all of our events. He has attended twice a week at Heckmondwike also. He has played in competition and represented Mirfield, playing at Huddersfield, Leeds, Harrogate and the famous victory when playing away at Heckmondwike. He has played at Brandsburton and Bridlington on our week-end away and also in Home International games against MelroseGala and Tweed Valley Petanque Clubs. So good has he become over the last two years, opponents from other clubs fear being 'Walter'd'. It was of course our very own Walter Bottrill. Walter received his trophy to keep for 12 months to enormous cheers and applause from his friends. Walter thanked members for welcoming him into the club and for being so very friendly. He really appreciated their friendship.

Then it was the time for announcing the most improved lady during 2018. Anne and I found this very difficult, far harder than choosing the most improved man. There were at least 8 ladies who had shown significant improvement, but we whittled these down until we got one name. Harry had a bit of fun here by taking off Declan from 'I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here'. After a slight pause he announced, "Jackie.... It's not you". "Carol..... It's not you". "Christine.... It might.... not be you". Everyone took this in the spirit it was intended and after the laughter had subsided, Harry began to announce the real winner. A lady who has attended more frequently this year and had promoted herself from using practice boules to a set of leisure golden boules. But it was when she got herself a set of competition boules that she began to really make progress. On several occasions she has produced some good games. Of course we all have off days and I had mine the month previously when I 'won' the fanny trophy. But on recent form she has proved that she is worthy of winning the trophy for the most improved lady player for 2018. It is of course Sue Burnett. Sue was thrilled and amazed at winning the trophy, but it is well deserved. So, make sure we all try to improve over the next year to see who will win it next time.
BouleIt was then time for our Chairman Fred Smith to thank the staff at Cafe Nosh for the wonderful time they had given us. He handed over payment for the meal and a bag containing the tips that members had given to the staff. Fred was treated to a huge kiss and cuddle and Viv announced she could see his ears blushing from across the room. More clapping, cheering and laughing.

Unfortunately it was time to go and members gathered outside to say goodnight, despite the fact that we are all meeting up again on Monday for another Christmas Bash at our Xmas Fuddle.

Thank you everyone for attending and making this another memorable Mirfield Pétanque Club event.

Harry Overend - MPC Secretary



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