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Christmas Fuddle

MPC Christmas Fuddle 2017

Well another year has gone by and another MPC Christmas Fuddle. This is the third such legendary feast, our first being in 2014.
With the mercury not rising above freezing all morning everyone was huddled round the radiators in the pavilion until Jackie threw as many as she could out to play a game whilst the catering staff prepared the buffet.

One game was all anyone could stand with the wind coming in off the Ural Mountains and probably as cold I should imagine boules were freezing to skin ! Anyway the hardy few were eventually allowed back in to thaw out and get cleaned up and check for frostbite before "dinner was served".

As usual members contributions and catering staff efforts made for a superb buffet of quiches, salmon, beef, ham, Indian snack etc. etc. etc. On top of that a large number of dessert and cheeses were laid out. It all went quiet as everyone tucked in.

As is normal with buffets - weeks in the making and ten minutes to demolish so with everyone full Harry rose to reveal the results of the 2017 Month End Melees.

This year it had been decided to award a trophy to the highest scoring male and female members and Harry read out the rankings culminating in a win for Colin and top female player went to Christine Campey beating husband Jim in the overall placings. Neville had supplied some summaries of the month end scores and tried every way of interpreting the results but still couldn't knock Colin off the top spot !
ImageColin graciously accepted his trophy and thanked all the players who had partnered him and helped him to victory. He also echoed everyone's sentiment that it was great to see Anne back among us.

See Results Here

With the presentation out of the way it was raffle draw time and with 34 prizes to distribute it looked like being a long night ! Jackie had made up three magnificent hampers as prizes and one of these went to Jim Haycock who announced that he was shortly travelling to Wales where he would donated the prize to a Children's Hospice. Well done Jim, lovely idea.

Colin Childs was also a winner and when he returned with his chosen prize he was wrapped over the knuckles by Patricia and sent back to get the correct prize - a seemingly empty carrier bag containing a Beauty Works voucher. Fancy not picking that in the first place Colin !!

Slowly but steadily the prizes disappeared until they were all claimed. Jackie had raised £148 from the draw. Well done Jackie.

Now for the fun stuff. Entertainment Officer Jackie had a game for all requiring teams of five or six. The object was to come up with a name for something that no other team had thought of. Fairly simple really but the commotion it created !! Poor Jackie could have done with a megaphone and a large stick to keep order. After the results were announced the team with the most original answers were Harry, Doreen, Ken, Neville and Brian. Well done.

When Jackie announced she had another game the room almost emptied ! I think a lot of people had grandchildren to collect so it just looked as if they were rushing out to avoid the fun !

The second game was a relay in with two teams had to transfer a number of mint imperials from plate to bowl and back - with chopsticks. Not sure who won this one.

And that was that. All that remained was to clear up and divvy up the remaining food and to look forward to the next social gathering which was Friday 15th at Nosh.

It just remains to thank everyone for their contributions to the buffet, to thank Susan and Gillian for their sterling efforts in running things and Gillian for serving behind the bar as well.

See our photo album for further photos of the day

Here's to next year.



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